Vehicle Tracking For Small Fleets

Quartix Vehicle Tracking for Small Fleets.

More than vehicle tracking. Stop the guesswork

These customers reduced paperwork and increased control improving their business.

InfoPlus | Live Tracking | Driver Behaviour 

Sector: Community Transport Services

Issues: No visibility of vehicles; Need to demonstrate safety record and ensure passenger comfort; Need to record and reduce carbon footprint.

Results: Vehicle idling reduced by over 50%, No at fault incidents, improved operational control, 50% of drivers in Quartix top 30% of Driving Style Score, no drivers in lowest 20%.

InfoPlus | Live Tracking | Driver Behaviour | Geofencing

Sector: Tree Surgeons

Issues: No record of start / finish times or activity on customer sites; Need to manage staff remotely during the day as company owner out generating new business; Vulnerable  plant equipment not monitored for evening or weekend movements.

Results: Improvements in day to day management of business, all work activity, on site and start / end of day known, vehicles and plant protected, full visibility of activity via smart phone app.

InfoPlus | Live Tracking | Driver Behaviour | Fuel Card Integration

Sector: Specialist Contract Cleaning Services

Issues: Lack of visibility;  Unmanageable timesheet paperwork; Manual recording of Start/finish and time on site activity; Fuel usage and purchase records on spreadsheets; No monitoring of lone staff working late shifts; Requirement to monitor carbon footprint; Poor driving skills

Results: Automated administration tasks for timesheets and fuel recording; All work activity, on-site and start / end of the day known; Vehicles protected, Full visibility of vehicles and lone workers; Improved driving style; Anywhere, anytime control via web and a smartphone app.

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